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Electrotherapy Medical Device

Electrotherapy Medical Device for Elettrostimulation


BE 28 E is a portable device for Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). After the pain management, the stimulated muscular contraction si the most popular application of electrostimulation. After many years the Electrical Muscle Stimulation has been used to treat and prevent the localised muscular hypotony, in the rehabilitation field, now it has become a recognised and well-proven aid to physical exercise.

Erba Vita Allergicum

Targeted action against allergies.
Useful for the control and the reduction of allergic inflammation and inflammation caused by food.

Erba Vita Anti-stress

Laboratories Erba Vita launches its all new Anti-Stress products.
Two good reasons for recommending Stress Solution capsules:
1. The relaxing effect of Lactium in synergy with jujube and Theanine;
2. The tonic-adaptogenic action of the extracts, and the “anti-fatigue” effect of vitamins B and magnesium.

Erba Vita B-Apport

The union of Vitamin B is a challenge of balance.
Buckwheat: precious natural source of Vitamin B.
From the Erba Vita laboratories B-APPORT PLUS is born.
specially formulated in accordance with the recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Erba Vita Curcuma

Erba Vita’s R&D selected Curcuma extracts with higher bioavailability to ensure a more specific and targeted biological effect and anti-inflammatory action.
Erba Vita myCURCUM neuro contains Longvida extract:
a curcuma extract with high degree of neurocompliance.

Erba Vita Depuratum

Depuratum for an effective and natural detoxifying action.
Depuratum line by Erba Vita enables body purification and detoxification: the best possible choice to support both the natural and physiological function of the liver.

Erba Vita Digest-EV Natural Digestive

DIGEST EV® is a complete natural product which has active principles useful to favor the physiological digestive process in its total complexity and in each of its stages.

Erba Vita Drainantum

Drainantum is ideal for complete drainage and to combat the action of free radicals.
• water retention • heavy limbs • varicose veins, venous and lymph stasis • general swelling (due to liquid build up) • swelling due to menstruation or use of oral contraceptives • presence of oedemas • imperfections due to cellulite • calculi tendencies

Erba Vita Erbalax

Slow intestine? With Erbalax all is forgotten.
Strong, Delicate or Slim. Naturally helps intestinal transit.
Choose the Erbalax for you.

Erba Vita Garcinia

Garcinia: Equilibrio del peso corporeo, Controllo del senso di fame.
Erba Vita has developed Garcinia UHC (Ultra High Concentration) vegetable extract titrated to 60% in Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA).

Erba Vita Immun Action Line

The natural shield for your wellbeing.
Greater protection against external aggressions.
A new energy to strengthen the immune system.

Erba Vita Licoprost

Effective, clinically proven ingredients.
Based on Serenoa repens, Pumpkin, Pomegranate, Lycopene. A natural aid for the physiological health of the male urogenital system. Regulates disorders of the prostate and the urogenital system.
Helps to alleviate urinary tract irritation. Antioxidant action.

Erba Vita Lietson

A line of products, made from plant extracts and melatonin, to help promote good sleep and relieve the effects of jet-lag.
Combined treatment with products (herbal and nutritional) from the LIETOSON Line offered by Erba Vita.

Erba Vita Linea DOL

LOCALIZED TENSIVE STATES? GO OUT WITH dol line. A line with all the indications to promote the wellbeing of the joints and to relief affected skin areas.
New Dol Line from Erba Vita: herbal medicine and dietary supplements for osteoarticular disorders.

Erba Vita Linea Donna

ERBA VITA cares for all women, of all ages. A complete line of products created for the needs of every woman.