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3-piece water filter housing Drops 10 – Water Treatment

Water Treatment Appliance: 3-piece water filter housing Drops 10

Developed for a practical installation in sites and positions of difficult access, also without the help of competent personnel, DROPS filter housing is equipped with a plastic bracket for an easy and stable fixing to the wall by using flexible hoses.


Peel Touch is a professional skin peel that yields excellent results. Practical and easy to use: the packaging contains 5×5 ml bottles with dropper to dose the product and reduce waste.


35% TCA: thanks to the right ratio between TCA and other components, Peel Touch ensures firming and smoothing effects, immediately improves skin complexion and texture, and considerably reduces small wrinkles.

Moreover, the presence of Kojic Acid adds a depigmenting effect, especially on dark melanin patches.

Bioformula protects, enhances and promotes the original Italian product: Peel Touch has been designed, developed and created in our laboratories and is certified as a Class I medical device in order to ensure its full safety and traceability.

AGED WOOD CLEANER – Gray Remover Wooden Floor Cleaner

GRAY-REMOVE is a solution of acids, surfactants and wetting agents used for removing old grey build-up (polyphenols) caused by stagnant water and the normal deterioration process due to weathering.
GRAY-REMOVE is used on several types of wooden surfaces, whether floors or vertical structures, to restore the original colour of wood (before the ageing process). It also removes tannic acid stains, even if the wood surface is protected, without ruining the treatment.

All in one Lift Gear Box

Designed for lifting in the context of standard systems with a capacity of 480daN using a 520 mm pulley. Equipped with design features which facilitate installation in three different positions to fix it to the frame. This layout enables the operator to use the same unit for installation in the right, left and vertical positions.

Aluminium Rotor die cast

Stator packets riveted diameter 33×18 length 80mm and 100mm, 12 slots and aluminium Rotor die cast diameter 18 length 80mm and 100mm, 16 and 19 slots ( with ring in sinter material for magnetic brake too ) – our catalogue Stator and Rotor lamination Model 97R and Model 97E – Stator and Rotor for AC motors for rolling shutter and vibrating motor – Raw material: Non grain oriented electrical steel, finally annealed ( according to DIN EN 10106 )

Aluminium side pole Parasol

The model Galileo Retractable, much appreciated for the technical and practical use, is now also available with the frame powder coated in white. This variant makes the Galileo White even more elegant and sophisticated aluminium parasol.



Polyethylene and acrylic emulsions, polyurethane resins, self-levelling agents, essences, water.


P-OH7 is a product based on acrylic and polyurethane resins for the stain protection and anti-dust treatment of concrete floors.

IMPORTANT: for regular cleaning, do not use alcohols, or acid, solvent or ammonia based-detergents.

Manual Perfume Crimping Machine

AP93L Manual Perfume Crimping Machine

AP93L manual crimping machine is simple to use and recommended for limited perfume production. It’s built with a solid structure which supports the crimping head (a specific one for each different micropump size) and a support for the bottle. One rotation movement of the lever (approx. 100°) allows the approaching and the crimping operation. The quick replacement of the crimping head makes the machine exceptionally vesatile.

applique gufo in lamiera battuta

Applique Gufo in lamiera battuto

Applique Gufo Primavera realizzato in lamiera battuto a mano e traforato con predisposizione luce.
Disponibile in altre colorazioni.

Automatic fermenter

Find Agriflex automatic fermenter . It  works in different functional stages.

BACCO fancy glass bottle

Bacco fancy Glass Bottle is the heaviest version (around 1000 grams of glass) is a key player in its sector; it exists in the capacity 750 ml, green color. The lighter version has the same shape but it is more functional – less glass, more competitive price.