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Luxury Patio Heaters

A wonderful outdoor garden furniture, a patio heater with a visible flame creating a glamorous atmosphere.

Many models for all aesthetic requirements: silver, black, cor-ten and your favorite colors.

Radiant heating flow along the glass tube.

Smart functioning, structured with inox steel and aluminium, anti tipping device windproof and ionization control flame.

Anti scratch feet, wheels set (optional), Belt for fastening any LPG cylinder, running by LPG and Natural Gas.

Keep your outdoor warm, stylish and attractive. Choose Falò EVO.

This is the original Luxury Patio Heater copied in various forms and styles from manufacturers all around the world. Our three sides pyramid patio heater has started a new generation of patio heaters.

Magnetotherapy – Magnetic therapy Device

Magnet-X Family Magnetotherapy Device. The Magnetic therapy is a form of physiotherapy using the interaction of magnetic fields with the body stimulates osteogenesis and tissue regeneration, thereby promoting an acceleration of all phenomena with clear remedial action Bioregenerating inflammatory and antiedemigena. The anti-inflammatory action, performed by the magnetotherapy, active the cell membranes repolarization in order to recharge and regenerate cells devoid of vital energy.

Manual Perfume Crimping Machine AP97 L

Manual Perfume Crimping Machine AP97 L

AP79L Manual Perfume Crimping Machine is simple to use and recommended for laboratory test or production of small quantities. With this model all valve and pump diameters will be crimped by changing the crimping head, from perfume pump diameters to 1” aerosol valves.
Dimensions: 25x30x70 cm
Net weight: 19 kg

Manual Perfume Crimping Tool APM98

Manual Perfume Crimping Tool APM98

Non adjustable manual perfume crimping tool for micropump or aluminum cap crimping on bottles.
APM98 is simple to use, just place the crimping head on the neck of the bottle, and press on the levers to crimp. Simple use and cost efficiency are this device main characteristics, ready every time, no need to adjust. Available diameters: 13, 15, 17, 18, 20mm. Suitable for sampling only.

Medical laminates

Our medical laminates (roll-goods) are mainly applied for the production of surgical drapes, healthcare applications drapes, surgical-gowns reinforcement and protective clothing.

They are composed of one or more Nonwoven layers laminated onto a soft, antimicrobial microembossed multi-layer (Cast Coex) Polyolefinic film or Breathable membrane.

Mesh Welding Machine – wire Meshwelding Plant

Mesh Line Bar-Bar Welding Machines for Reinforcing Mesh

Mesh welding machine for the production of reinforcing mesh working with pre-cut wires.
Range from Ø3 to Ø12 mm.

The structure of this mesh welding line is modular to let you start with a low investment and is been focused on short setup times for both wire diameter and format changes of the processed mesh. Driven by digital electric servomotors.

MODERN LEAF dedicated to maple syrup Glass bottle

MODERN LEAF dedicated to maple syrup Glass bottle
A new brilliant design dedicated to maple syrup. The half leaf visible in transparency from each side
makes this bottle difficult to forget. It exists in 50-100-250-500ml, screw finish and flint color.

Natural Rubber Adhesive Juntery Proceccing Adhesive

The ECO-AUTOMASTIK is a NATURAL RUBBER ADHESIVE used on the general processing of JUNTERY. Adapt for who wants to apply the glue only on a part. It is called ECO because the company uses only raw materials with law environmental impact.