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Resin-wax emulsions, carnauba wax, beeswax, propolis, essences, water.


COTTOLUX is a combination of special waxes, suitable for the special maintenance of floors. It reinforces and provides safe and complete restoration, giving treated floors a well looked after appearance and waxy and natural effect.

IMPORTANT: for regular cleaning, do not use alcohols, or acid, solvent or ammonia based-detergents.

Spline shafts

Spline shafts up to 550 mm long, up to 120 mm external diameter with helical and straight toothing

Spur gears

Spur and helical gears from module 0.5 with an external diameter of 10 mm up to module 10 with an external diameter of 500 mm

Stator and Rotor for AC motors

Stator packet riveted diameter 64×38 length 90mm, 24 slots and aluminium Rotor die cast diameter 38 length 90mm, 18 slots – our catalogue Stator and Rotor lamination Model 100AR – Stator and Rotor for AC motors for rolling shutter – Raw material: Non grain oriented electrical steel, finally annealed
(according to DIN EN 10106 )

Stator packet riveted

Stator packet riveted diameter 80x72x45 length 80mm, 24 slots and aluminium Rotor die cast diameter 45 length 80mm, 22 slots – our catalogue Stator and Rotor lamination Model 101DS – Stator and Rotor for AC motors for rolling shutter and sliding gate

Stator packets riveted diameter 42×21,55

Stator packets riveted diameter 42×21,55 length 35mm and 120mm, 12 slots and aluminium Rotor die cast diameter 20,92 length 35mm and 120mm, 17 slots ( with ring in sinter material for magnetic brake too )


Gambini Meccanica manufactures precision gears up to module 30, with just milled or ground profiles, with straight tooth system, right or left-hand with any possible inclination. The maximum external diameter we can realize is up to 1000 mm. We use different raw materials: C45,
18NiCrMo5, 20MnCr5, all the alloy or not alloy materials, different types of nylon, cast irons, alloys of common bronze and bronze-aluminium, alloys of aluminium, stainless steel and different typologies of Bakelite.

Studded belt in genuine leather

Studded belt in genuine leather Gump grey colour.

Unisex sportive belt in genuine leather Gump. Vintage effect. Processing sharp cut. Multicolour studs. Burnt ash colour metal buckle.
Height 3,0 cm

Swimming Pool Parasol – Garden Umbrellas

mod. Rimini Braccio. Renewed model swimming-pool parasol completely in steel and aluminium epoxy lacquered colour white.
Perfectly fitting with modern and precious milieux.

T.E.N.S. Therapy Device – Physiotherapy Equipment

T.E.N.S. Therapy Device BE 28 T is a portable devices to T.E.N.S. antalgic therapy and are useful in situations involving pain, in rheumatology cases and in post-traumatic care. The pain is an individual phenomenon, not standardized, and therefore it needs all that technology development and progress can make available. Transcutaneous nerve stimulation has a direct effect on peripheral nerves: it blocks the impulse of pain and increases production of endorphins in the body through small muscle contractions.

Tavola artistica in ferro battuto – linea ramo

Tavolo linea Ramo, realizzato in ferro sagomato a mano,con ripiano in vetro float 8mm.
Verniciato con colori acrilici, disponibile in tutte le colorazioni.
Dimensione: h75x100cm.


Telusiano – Falerio dei Colli Ascolani D.O.C.

Il nome di questo vino ha origini lontane ed è preso dall’antico nome della zona a ridosso delle attuali tenute Rio Maggio. All’epoca dei primi insediamenti (età di Nerva 96-98 d.C.) la zona si chiamava appunto Telusiano, oggi conosciuta col nome di Monte San Giusto. La chiesa del paese, di origine romanica, porta il nome di Santa Maria della Pietà in Telusiano, e in essa si può ammirare la grandiosa pala della Crocifissione, capolavoro di Lorenzo Lotto, che per questa solenne opera fu pagato  in fiorini e in olio di olive ascolane.

Trasparent Adhesive for Inner Soles – Footwear Adhesives

Trasparent Adhesive for inner Soles – Footwear Adhesives
The NEOPRENE 3S is a plychloroprene transparent adhesive with strong grip , medium opend time uesd for sticking sides of the inner soles. Thanks to its peculiar transaparency is especially used for leather goods or by leather company.