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Automatic fermenter

Find Agriflex automatic fermenter . It  works in different functional stages.

Flour cooling system

Attentive to customers’ needs, dynamic and committed to improving production
processes since ever, Agriflex is now focusing on FLOUR TEMPERATURE
CONTROL in the dough mixing room, which is crucial to ensure CONSTANT
and OPTIMUM quality, both in industrial and small-scale production of baked

Hopper microdosing system

This microdosing system has been conceived in a way to allow dosing of n. 3 microingredients – as requested by the customer – and to grant 8 batches / H. The units have a capacity of 100 Lt, usually enough to store 50 Kg of improver (depending on its specific weight).


Externally in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316. Loading pipe included: 101.6mm; positioned centrally above silo
Inspection portal for internal inspection.