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Vendere all'estero - rubber based adhesive

Ecological Natural Rubber Based Adhesive

Ecological Natural Rubber Based Adhesive with High Viscosity.
Super Light Eco – Mastic is an ecological natural rubber based glue used for the construction of uppers in bondings. Leather will keep flexibility throught time. Apply with a brush to both sides.

Extra Strong Leather Soles Adhesive Polychloroprene

CU 1000 is a polychloroprene adhesive for shoe industry, specially formulated to stick, leather soles, crust, ecc. High heat resistance. High quality. Brush application

Footwear Adhesives – Leather Soles Adhesive

Leather Sole Adhesive
The NEOPRENE 1 is a plychloroprene adhesive with high crystallization used for cold sticking of LEATHER SOLES, for the assembly of the GUARDOLO and for the to pair LEATHER-LEATHER and LEATHER-TUNITH.

Natural Rubber Adhesive Juntery Proceccing Adhesive

The ECO-AUTOMASTIK is a NATURAL RUBBER ADHESIVE used on the general processing of JUNTERY. Adapt for who wants to apply the glue only on a part. It is called ECO because the company uses only raw materials with law environmental impact.

NEOPRENE 14 SPRAYING Plychloroprene Adhesive

The NEOPRENE 14 SPRAYING is a plychloroprene adhesive used for processing on the division of forniture, sticking of wood – textile and expanded polyurethan. Used for bonding expandeds and quits with difficult materials.

Pure Latex Water Based Adhesive

Pure Latex Water Based Adhesive is ideal for solution appliers with rolls.
The PURE LATEX is a water based adhesive of natural rubber’s latex used for assembly of lining, cover with leather and various process of Juntery.

Vendere all'estero - bi-component adhesive

Rubber Soles Bicomponent Adhesive

The NEOPRENE ATT is a plychloroprene bicomponent adhesive with high crystallization used for RUBBER SOLES for application of NATURAL RUBBERS.High bond strenght. It is also used for general processing of the shoe. It must be used with a 5% of ACTIVATOR.

Vendere all'estero - solvent for cleaning

Solvent for Cleaning and for Dilute Adhesive

S 700 is a solvent mixture to dilute polychloroprene adhesive type “CU”.
Excellent also to clean brushes and machinery.

Trasparent Adhesive for Inner Soles – Footwear Adhesives

Trasparent Adhesive for inner Soles – Footwear Adhesives
The NEOPRENE 3S is a plychloroprene transparent adhesive with strong grip , medium opend time uesd for sticking sides of the inner soles. Thanks to its peculiar transaparency is especially used for leather goods or by leather company.