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BACCO fancy glass bottle

Bacco fancy Glass Bottle is the heaviest version (around 1000 grams of glass) is a key player in its sector; it exists in the capacity 750 ml, green color. The lighter version has the same shape but it is more functional – less glass, more competitive price.

BEAUTIFUL Glass bottle

A slender, thin, flint bottle for all your products – available in 375 and 500ml , cork finish. Perfect for

BORA Spirit Glass Bottle

It recalls the cut of precious stones thanks to the light games on the glass surface. Mainly used for spirits, as grappa or Armagnac but also for premium EVOO. Flint colored, sizes: 200-500-700ml

Calamaio glass bottle

Calamaio  is A small jewel in our collection. Best solution for “testing products” or spices. It is available in flint, 30 and 60 ml.


The half-sphere carafe Sommelier, flint glass and 200ml size , is the perfect choice not only for spirits but also for room fragrances and catalytic fragrance lamps.

MODERN LEAF dedicated to maple syrup Glass bottle

MODERN LEAF dedicated to maple syrup Glass bottle
A new brilliant design dedicated to maple syrup. The half leaf visible in transparency from each side
makes this bottle difficult to forget. It exists in 50-100-250-500ml, screw finish and flint color.