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Pinot Grigio – Le Monde Vinery

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GRAPE VARIETY: Pinot Grigio single varietal wine.
TYPE OF TERRAIN: Argillaceous, Calcareous, rich in microelements.
CULTIVATION: Guyot, planting density 4.000 Plants/Ha.
HARVEST PERIOD: First week of September.
VINIFICATION: 48 hour pre-fermentation cold maceration, soft grape pressing, fermentation at a controlled temperature and later maturation in steel basins in contact with ferments.
CELLARING POTENTIAL: 2-3 years from production.
COLOUR: Amber yellow with light copper tints.
NOSE: Fine and elegant with a pungent bouquets with floral, very persistent notes.
FLAVOUR: Evident sensations of white fruit on the palate giving wine freshness and softness.
PAIRINGS: Pairs will with soups and egg and fish dishes.
PACKAGING: 0,75 l bottle, bottled in cartons containing 6 bottles.