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Water Filter Housing for Liquid suction elecrtopumps

Water Filter Housing SILVER TAP. Expressly designed for protecting liquid suction elecrtopumps, SILVER TAP sand-removal series allow drainage of filtered particles by manually opening the drain ball valve located on the bottom of the bowl, thus simplifying and quickening filter maintenance without having to stop the water flow. The bowl is made of polycarbonate.

Water Softener ADM6DC

Water Softener ADM6DC. To be used in the field of industrial and restaurants/bars dishwashers, as well as of household steam-irons. Fitted with suitable equipments to make stainless-steel pipe couplings, welding robots, and air, water and helium tightness testing machines, since each one of these items is tested under 10 bars.

Water treatment: Water Filter Housings

Easy Hot 5 Water Filter Housing – 3-Piece filter housings for water treatment.

This product was designed to filter hot water up to a temperature of 100° C. It withstands high temperatures and it is made of materials which make it particularly robust and resistant against collisions. Produced only in red.