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Precast Technology Machines – Precast Machinery

Precast Technology Machines mod. Prima 13: Bi-directional automatic stirrup bender from coil, allows to produce stirrups and cut-to-size bars using wires up to Ø13 mm (#4).
Driven by digital electric servomotors.

– Max. pulling speed: 130 m/min (430 ft/min)
– Straighteners with independent position and adjustment displays for the 2 wires
– Cutting with Brushless motors
– Web Teleassistance

The 3D version allows to produce 3D pieces


Prosecco Wine – Le Monde Vinery

11,50 7,90

GRAPE VARIETY: Pure Prosecco-Brut.
TERRAIN: silt-clay, limestone soil rich with microelements.
CULTIVATION: Guyot, with a density of 4.000Plants/hectare.
HARVEST PERIOD: Second half of September.
VINIFICATION: Soft pressing of the grapes in a reducing environment. Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 15°C to obtain a clean base wine. Second fermentation according to the Charmat method for 20 days at a controlled temperature of around 14°C.
CELLARING POTENTIAL: 1-2 years from production; optimum maturity 1 year.
COLOUR: Straw yellow with greenisch reflectionss.
BOUQUET: Winey, fruity, hints of apple, floral, wisteria and crusty bread.
FLAVOUR: vibrant, pleasant with a balanced taste between acidity and sugars and fruity aftertaste.
PAIRINGS: This wine is ideal as an aperitif, with seafood starters, light risottos, excellent as a dessert wine.
PACKAGING: 0,75 l bottle packed in a box of 6.


NEOCOT is a water-based liquid wax that gives items a semi-gloss finish and at the same time increases stain protection properties. To be used as a preserving and finishing product after the priming treatment outdoors. Facilitates maintenance operations.

IMPORTANT: for regular cleaning, do not use alcohols, or acid, solvent or ammonia based-detergents.

PROTECTIVE for WOOD Interiors Protective Wax Oil

OLIO DI LUNA is vegetable oil and wax emulsion based impregnator that provides a pleasing aesthetic appearance and offers protection against stains to wooden services as well as simple maintenance. Available in different colours to obtain unique effects.
IMPORTANT: For regular cleaning, do not use alcohols, or acid, solvent or ammonia based-detergents.

PTFE Bearings

This code identifies a line of bearings that are specially manufactured to allow the bonding of a filled PTFE coated fabric (lead free, in accordance to the European Parliament “ELV” directive 2000/53/EC) on four types of backing metal layers, like carbon steel, bronze, stainless steel and Inconel 625.
The Sliding Surface is primarily composed of filled PTFE coated fabric, and other elements to guarantee the high wear resistance. The TX products find their best usage in slow-moving applications, with heavy loads, and where dry operation is required. Thanks to the thick self-lubricating layer up to 0,4 mm, this product has a high wear resistance, and can work in dirty or abrasive environment.
For this product it is not recommended the use of oil, while the use of special grease, such as silicon or lithium soap, is only possible during the assembly.

Pure Latex Water Based Adhesive

Pure Latex Water Based Adhesive is ideal for solution appliers with rolls.
The PURE LATEX is a water based adhesive of natural rubber’s latex used for assembly of lining, cover with leather and various process of Juntery.

Raccolta Rifiuti – Cassonetti in acciaio zincato

I NOSTRI PRODOTTI sono tutti realizzati in acciaio zincato,
Sicurezza, Qualità, Igiene, Robustezza: i nostri cassonetti sono indistruttibili .
Mettiamo al servizio dell’ecologia la nostra esperienza decennale, l’alta qualità dei materiali utilizzati e la tecnologia in costante innovazione.
Ci occupiamo direttamente della progettazione, per poi realizzare internamente gli stampi e il prodotto finito.
Le tipologie sono tutte quelle oggi richieste dal mercato e comunque regolamentate dalla normativa UNI, che vanno quindi dalle raccolte urbane a quelle differenziate di ogni genere.

Rebar Processing Machinery – Automatic Rebar Processing

Multifeed Stirrup Bender – Bar Wiser 22N MF

Bi-directional automatic stirrup bender, allows to produce stirrups both from bars (up to Ø22 mm – #7) and from coils (up to Ø16 mm – #5).
Driven by electric servomotors.– Max. pulling speed: 100 m/min (328 ft/min)
– External and internal straightening unit
– Pneumatic pressure on traction wheels
– Virtual mandrel
– Web Teleassistance

Recessed luminaire with LED lighting system

SPINNER Recessed luminaire with LED lighting system. Adjustable optical assembly is equipped with a front protection louver in temperated glass. With electronic ballast remote.

Recessed projector with LED lighting system

KOR INCASSO Recessed projector with LED lighting system. Outer edge with profile. Adjustable optical assembly is equipped with a front protection louver in temperated glass. With electronic ballast remote.


Rio – Rosso Piceno D.O.C.

Il Rosso Piceno è certamente il vino rosso più diffuso nella Regione Marche in Italia.

Vitigni: 50% Montepulciano – 50% Sangiovese

Rosso Piceno D.O.C.

Le uve utilizzate per il Vigneto Contrada Vallone provengono dal vigneto più vecchio dell’azienda, esattamente dalla particella dei vigneti N°145, proprio dove è situata la cantina. Questo vino si ottiene da uve Montepulciano e Sangiovese, che lo rendono un vino strutturato e piacevole da bere. La raccolta viene fatta in cassette di max 20kg. La fermentazione avviene con una classica vinificazione Bordolese, della durata di 12-15 giorni tra fermentazione pre- e post-fermentativa sulle bucce, con uno schema di rimontaggi e controllo della temperatura dai 18° ai 26° C. Dopo la svinatura il vino viene fatto invecchiare in barrique francesi sia nuove che di primo passaggio per almeno 8-10 mesi. A seguito dell’imbottigliamento il vino viene fatto riposare altri 4-6 mesi in bottiglia.


The rotary shaft oil seal is an indispensable component in a lubricated rotating shaft.

The production of the •FP• rotary shaft seals series offers a solution to any problem of sealing.

Characteristics of The materials

The •FP• rotary shaft oil seals, are produced according to modern designing and engineering techniques, and with top performance materials as requested by their using conditions.