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Home Heaters – Gas Stove Fiammella

Fiammella Gas Stove. Less noise, less required service. Alternative to any pellet stove.

Power flue gas stove, fully managed by a wireless digital device equipped standard, with a thermostat and timer included. Modulating power.

Practical and easy to install, it creates a warmth atmosphere with a visible flame view inside a glass tube.

Flue line kit included in the package of stove.

Designed by Francisco Gomez Paz, assembled in Italy.


Hopper microdosing system

This microdosing system has been conceived in a way to allow dosing of n. 3 microingredients – as requested by the customer – and to grant 8 batches / H. The units have a capacity of 100 Lt, usually enough to store 50 Kg of improver (depending on its specific weight).

Hydraulic Cylinders – Self Assembly Cylinder SHP320

Hydraulic Cylinders – Self Assembly Cylinder SHP320

Nominal working pressure: 250 bar (25 MPa)
Maximum working pressure: 320 bar (32 MPa)
Liner: E355 SR EN 10305 -1 steel liner, polished inside Ra<0.4 tolerance H8
End plug: S355JR – ASTM A105 steel
Rod: Alloy steel 42CrMo4 +QT chromed Ra<0.2 tolerance f7 corrosion resistance 200h NSS ISO 9227 (Neutral salt spray fog test) rating > 9 ISO 10289. Rods with corrosion resistance on request 500h, 1000h
Pilot boss: Steel C45.
Piston: Steel C45

Indoor LED Lighting System

MINI KOR V Adjustable projector with LED lighting system. Optical assembly is equipped with a front protection louver in temperated glass. With electronic ballast.

Industrial Ovens – Generic Continuous Ovens

Industrial Ovens – Generic Continuous Ovens by Idrocalor Srl.

IDROCALOR is a leading company in the production of continuous ovens. According to your manufacturing flow and space requirements, our technical staff will work out the best solution.
These ovens operate on a continuous basis and are characterized by a conveyor system, which transports the product during the heating treatment. In order to guarantee the maximum level of customization, our continuous ovens are available in different sizes and configurations with working temperatures up to 1000° C.

Ionophoresis Medical Device for electrotherapy

The instrument JonoStim is a medical device for electrotherapy able to disburse a continuous current between that could change among 0 and 20 mA.
JonoStim can be used both to favor the introduction of medicines in the body through the skin (ionoforesis), that for the antalgic typical action of the direct current applied through galvanotherapy technique. Besides JonoStim can be used in the treatment of the Hyperidrosys, and in aesthetical treatment against the cellulitis.


Created and entirely made within our Italian laboratories by highly qualified staff with high quality raw materials, this product ensures surprising results from the very first injection.

Actually, Bioformula® is well-known to produce its products using Hyaluronic acid with the higher standards of molecular weight (average value 3.2 kDa) – which represents the ideal raw material choice.

The high molecular weight means a greater length of the HA chain which provides Jalucomplex® a much longer durability compared to other HA available: this means the product has a greater maintenance, boasting extraordinary and long lasting results.

LED Lighting for Food Industry

MAX FOOD LED Lighting for Food Industry

Installation: Track
Luminaire housing: aluminium
Louver: tempered glass
Finishing: black,grey,white
Protection class: IP20
Insulation class: I
Power supply: 230V-50Hz

Liquid additive softener Forever

Liquid additive softener Forever with a long lasting perfume. Forever is a concentrated liquid softener to be used in professional laundries with professional washing machines.

Liquid detergent Oil Cleaner

Liquid detergent Oil Cleaner with high degreasing and cleaning power even on pigment stains, suitable for prespotting.
Degreasing for collars and cuffs


Externally in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316. Loading pipe included: 101.6mm; positioned centrally above silo
Inspection portal for internal inspection.

Lumberjack boots

Lumberjack Boots

Lumberjack Boots. Made in Italy Footwear.

code: SW53001-002Q12CB001