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Rotors die cast for induction motors

Nuova Volonterio produces rotors in aluminium and silumin ( aluminium alloy ). Range of Rotor diameter is from 17,4mm up to 135mm but we are specialized in Rotor die cast with small diameter and high length, mainly for tubular motors and vibrating motors


Gambini Meccanica realizes round racks, with ground or cold drawn raw
materials, with straight or helical tooth system, right- or left-hand.
Quality classes and modules which can be realized are the standard ones and the length is up to 3000 mm. The most common raw materials employed are the following ones: C45 and stainless steel.


Rubber Soles Bicomponent Adhesive

The NEOPRENE ATT is a plychloroprene bicomponent adhesive with high crystallization used for RUBBER SOLES for application of NATURAL RUBBERS.High bond strenght. It is also used for general processing of the shoe. It must be used with a 5% of ACTIVATOR.

Sail Shade Parasol – Italian Design Parasol

The parasol “Vela” Sail Shade parasol redefines the concept and architecture of the shadow, unusual and unconventional The cover design evolves taking inspiration from the sea and shaped by the wind, resulting in sinuous and ergonomic lines. From the harmonic fusion between a parasol and a sailing a synergy between material strength and lightness of form, takes shape. A unique item to enhance your outdoor environment.

Seismic 3C Blocks

Isoltech’s 3C blocks: for a faster, cleaner and more precise assembly.


INCREMENT D 1300 technology is a revolutionary innovation in the screeds branch because it permits to have durable, reliable, lightweight, thermal and acoustic insulating screeds. Increment D 1300 allows also important savings of material and labour.


RIFLESSO is a blend of special waxes and resins for the restoration of marble, granite, composite materials, to polish surfaces made of terracotta, natural stone, linoleum and cement.

Thanks to its special formula, it provides a mirror like polish similar to lead polishing.

IMPORTANT: for regular cleaning, do not use alcohols, or acid, solvent or ammonia based-detergents.

Side Pole Garden Parasol

Mod. Milano Braccio Side Pole Garden Parasol

Harmonious combination of materials like ash wood and white epoxy, polish lacquered components that make this new garden parasol Milano Braccio elegant and suitable for the most exclusive milieux. New vertical aluminium support provided with special blenched ash wood finishing for an unalterable Design.

Sliding Bearings

The TF type is a composite multilayer material used in the manufacture of dry self-lubricating Sliding Bearings.
The main parts composing this product are a filled modified PTFE layer (lead free, in accordance to the European Parliament “ELV” directive 2000/53/EC) for the sliding self-lubricating surface, and a special primer used to allow the sintering of the PTFE layer to four types of baking metal layers, like carbon steel, bronze, stainless steel and Inconel 625.
Thanks to its structure, the TF type provides an excellent match between the mechanical strength of the steel, and the low coefficient of friction due to the modified PTFE sliding layer.
This is a product, that can be used in applications with medium loads, and in a clean environment with low levels of abrasive elements such as metal powders. It can also be used with special mineral oils and specific greases such as silicone compounds or lithium soap.

SOAP FOR OILED FLOORS – wooden floor soap



Soap made of potassium cocoate combined with safflower oil, essences, water.





SAPONE & OLIO is a product based on natural soap and oil, which can be diluted in all proportions with water.




SAPONE & OLIO is a formulation to be used for cleaning and preserving oiled wooden floors, indoors and outdoors. Its main feature is that it cleanses surfaces while depositing a protective layer that increases resistance.


SOFT WHITE MUSK Superconcentrated Softener

Superconcentrated Softener with the fresh scent and delicate of white musk
It must be used in the last rinse, reconditions and restructures the fibers giving them the original hand.

Solvent for Cleaning and for Dilute Adhesive

S 700 is a solvent mixture to dilute polychloroprene adhesive type “CU”.
Excellent also to clean brushes and machinery.

Specchio Sole in ferro battuto

Specchio sole, realizzato in lamiera battuta e intagliata, verniciato con colori acrilici.
Disponibile in altre colorazioni.


Microcrystalline waxes, Carnauba wax, beeswax, paraffin waxes, wax and resin emulsions, fluoropolymers, antifouling agent, essences, water.PROFILE

SINTESI 3/P is a combination of various types of fine wax emulsions with stain protection properties, featuring excellent wettability and high substrate bonding ability. As well as high resistance to wear, SINTESI 3/P gives floors a satin-finish result.